Integrations and Upgrades

We manage the integrations of your subsystems to ensure overarching functionality using various integration methods. Our methods ensure that your subsystems function as a coordinated whole system. We also manage the upgrades of software releases and work with your third party software vendor to deploy the latest version without interrupting business operations.


We use customized systematic approaches to implement software and systems into your workflow by strategically assessing your business needs and delivering your future state as desired. Our project team can manage and support implementations any HR/HCM or IT project.

Business Consulting

We provide strategic direction and tactical consulting. We consult with businesses of all sizes. We especially take pride in watching small businesses flourish. Our deep expertise brings added value in already having insights and experience in initiatives that are new and frightening to many others. Our overarching objective is to customize your solution and improve profitability. We explain below exactly how we accomplish this objective.

Cost Savings

Your investment in Clark Global Consulting is an important decision and by doing so, you will save time and money versus doing it yourself. You do not have to onboard highly skilled resources. Instead, we have access to human capital and can scale the solution to meet your budget. In addition, by engaging Clark Global Consulting, you will add time back to day-to-day operations, rather than adding new projects that typically require reprioritizing your team’s job responsibilities.

Our Focus Areas

  • Cloud Server Migrations
  • Software and Server Upgrades
  • Data Integrations (HCM and IT systems)
  • System Implementations (ERP and other software applications)
  • Streamline Processes and Efficiencies (Business Consulting)

We will also collaborate with third party vendors to manage software implementations without disruption to business operations.

Next Steps...

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